Teslafan: Decentralized Solution on Ethereum Blockchain

Teslafan is a new crowdfunding ecosystem for AI projects that combines blockchain technology for security and accountability. It has been found that crowdfunding can cultivate development by offering new wellsprings of cash flow to advancement-driven firms and in this way decrease the subsidizing hole for creating new businesses. Besides, crowd-investing offers a route for the group to take part in the advancement interaction by giving criticism to the business person. [4] That’s why, we design Teslafan to help startups that produce ideas through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning raise money from their supporters and admirers. Teslafan offers an immutable, secure, tokenized infrastructure for the funding that cannot be obtained from the centralized crowdfunding platforms.

Teslafan crowdfunding network unites people in a single platform to fund AI projects they are interested in. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs thrive by giving them the capital and resources they need to complete their ideas. Like other crowdfunding platforms, Teslafan will serve as a means for users to create projects and pledge funds to others. It is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain to help fund advanced innovations.

As a crowdfunding platform, we inject decentralization into an AI industry and share the desire to take action to build a better world by encouraging the creation and management of any AI project campaign through our platform.

There are 2 different actors involved in the crowdfunding platform:

- Funders: People who are interested in the development of AI projects and helps or supports an organization or person by donating TESLF tokens to the campaign they like.

- Developers: Users who have the knowledge and ability to develop artificial intelligence projects but need to raise capital to bring their ideas to life.

Teslafan will function based on means that projects are funded on the premise that the money is only received and utilized if enough funds are raised. To make the crowdfunding process much easier for both project owners and contributors, Teslafan will use the Ethereum blockchain to validate transactions for the project.

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