Reputation System

The advantages and the privileges that a decentralized AI marketplace provides are undeniable. As the technology and infrastructures move to decentralized systems, the service providers face high demand. Some arranging algorithms are needed to identify, categorize, and organize the projects on the marketplace. A systematic and user-friendly interface empowers buyers and sellers to avail themselves of the merits of the platform.

The reputation system is a program or algorithm that builds trust between buyers and the seller and facilitates the exchange process of money for a commodity. The system provides support in the decision-making process, which becomes arduous if there are many similar products in the marketplace. The reputation system is essential in a peer-to-peer market where parties do not recognize the counterparty. To lower counterparty risk, the reputation system offers various practical tools such as a rating system of products and reviews. Based on those presumptions, buyers can easily decide and rely on those projects. Consequently, reputation systems perform as trust mechanisms in the trustless environment.

Teslafan acknowledges the importance of the reputation system and works on applying this to the platform. The profusion of AI solutions in the marketplace makes usage of reputation systems reasonable. Buyers of those solutions can write a comment, rate the project with points, and similarly rate the others' comments to spotlight the most important ones. The evaluation allows honest sellers to be appreciated by the buyers, which incentives the sellers to compete with others to provide better service. As a result, Teslafan intends to add a reputation system to the AI marketplace to promote safe, secure, and reliable market operations.

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