High Intermediary Cost In Conventional Marketplaces

Even though selling through conventional online channels may seem easy, they add additional charges to the products. Besides the high application fee, the payment platform charges you hefty commissions. The drawbacks of centralized payment providers discourage businesses and individuals and impede the application of automation. The cost perspectives deter companies from buying cutting-edge solutions.

Decentralized blockchain technology will empower buyers and sellers to pay insignificant fee amounts during transactions. Blockchain technology removes middle men, and anyone can send money directly to other people. Teslafan AI marketplace is on the peer-to-peer network powered by the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate a direct transaction between parties. Here funds are sent to the counterparty with less transaction fee than the conventional payment method. Transactions will only be performed with the Teslafan Token, which is a ERC-20 standarts token built on the Ethereum blockchain, to reduce the costs and inconveniences with them.

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