AI-driven Decentralized Sentiment Analysis Network

With the advancement of Web 2.0, interest in sentiment analysis has flown. It is becoming a virtual appliance for businesses as they are interested in consumer views, comments, ratings, recommendations, and other forms of online mentions.

Sentiment analysis, opinion extraction, tone analysis, or opinion mining is a technological tool used to understand and monitor customers' general attitudes and emotions towards entities, such as products, services, and brands. This is an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), based on the automatic processing of human language (Natural Language Processing(NLP)) technique for conducting a qualitative analysis of online reviews. It allows you to analyze user-generated data collected from sources such as forums, press articles, instant messaging platforms, and social networks.

Teslafan revolutionizes the way of decision-making in the renewable energy industry. As the number of companies offering a wide range of renewable energy solutions increases, green energy advocates demand to find out which companies and what products they offer serve their purpose more. Considering this, the Teslafan platform offers a decentralized sentiment analysis service to its users, to make a difference in renewable energy and to keep important technological developments at the forefront. To achieve this, the Teslafan network applies advanced AI algorithms and language deconstruction techniques such as symbolization, speech fragment labeling, parsing, and separation to break up and make sense of the text. With the help of machine learning, Teslafan creates automated tools that can extract subjective information from natural language texts, trying to extract as much data from texts as possible, creating a structured interface that can be used by a decision support system or decision-maker.

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