Plans For Future Development

At Teslafan, our main goal is to contribute to the competitiveness of the AI ​​industry. For this reason, we are providing a decentralized ecosystem where developers of self-learning AI projects can fund their ideas wherever they are. Today, studies on Artificial Intelligence aim to reach what is called Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.), the ability to understand any intellectual task a person can do and solve all kinds of problems without human intervention. As new ways to bring intelligence to machines are found, we will strengthen our platform so that these projects can further evolve and reach all angel funders around the world in a decentralized way. As machine intelligence develops, so do we. We always focus on improvement to transcend our cognitive limits and step into a greener and sustainable future.

Prospective development

Technology evolves, to pace with developments, every project needs to renovate itself and improve at the same time. Besides provisioning requisites, Teslafan AI marketplace will modify the properties, add new features, remove unnecessary ones and work to provide you with the best experience. Many developments are on the horizon, and the Teslafan project will be revised and updated to serve users better.

Currently, Teslafan utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, which is one of the innovative and first-rate blockchains. Ethereum blockchain allows the functioning of the DApps and smart contracts that allows Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to operate. At present, the Ethereum blockchain provides a tunnel for advanced and futuristic organizations and supports them to improve faster.

In the case of high demand for the marketplace and the other services of Teslafan, the project intends to move to its native blockchain, which will be created hereafter. The high demand is precedented, and the relocation probability of services to the new blockchain is strong. Details of the relocation will be made clear through social platforms and added to the whitepaper in the future.

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