What is an AI Marketplace?

Artificial intelligence marketplaces aim to be a solution for businesses and individuals that desire to apply advanced AI, ML, DL models, and developer scientists who demand the marketplace to offer their products to the broad community. Current marketplaces are mainly online and fast, which provides straightforward business deals for both potential buyers and sellers. These characteristics can be enough for some customers, but marketplaces must aim over and above. Marketplaces should have the following properties to meet the requirements of buyers and sellers: a) developers should be able to sell their pre-trained, ready AI solutions in the marketplace at ease, b) customers- individuals and businesses, should be able to request custom AI models which fulfill their specific needs. [5]

In a broad sense, AI marketplaces are similar to the other most commonplace online application stores. AI marketplaces provide phenomenal advantages for all developers, businesses, and individuals. Anyone can broadcast their solutions for the challenges that the present business community and individuals undergo, akin to conventional online stores. Unlike those stores, here anyone-individuals and businesses can request customized cutting-edge solutions. Customized solutions constructed by developers, add extra value to companies.

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